RFM0.75-1000-0.25S Water Cooled Capacitor inductive heat electrothermal capacitor

Item No.: 00170
All aluminum shell, sealed firmly
High quality copper, remarkable water cooling
Made of pure copper, supported by porcelain sleeve
Advanced welding method, seamless welding
Voltage: up to 3000 V
Capacitance: up to 1000 µF
Power: up to 8000 kvar

 Water Cooled Capacitor for smelting furnace

has leveraged two generations of
water cooled capacitor design and op
erational expertise to produce our WFC
Series capacitors for a wide range of in
duction heating applications, to include
melting, forging, billet heating, harden
ing, and other types of heat treating.
With our expanded, Class 10000 clean
room manufacturing capabilities, we can
develop any solution for your induction
heating power supplies, regardless of
We now offer our new Jumbo CanTM
high performance capacitors for low
frequency and high voltage AC resonant
tank circuits.

Water Cooled Designs
• Designed for use in AC tank circuits or specialty DC filter circuits
• All-film or metallized film dielectric
• Tin-plated, copper terminals rated for up to 300 Amps continuous
• Electrical grade phenolic bushings for indoor application
Long life, 20 year nominal life
• Low loss, less than 0.3 watts per kVAR up to 5 kHz;
less than 0.5 watts per kVAR up to 50 kHz
• Special dielectric system designs for high efficiency
•  dielectric fluids; Dielektrol VI for metallized delectrics, Dielektrol VIIa for
all-film dielectrics
Designs that employ a pressure switch are supplied with a N/C, 12 PSI,
non-resetting switch. All metallized dielectric designs require a pressure
Case design: textured aluminum using 0.60 in. (15.25mm) to 0.90 in.
(22.85mm) aluminum, with 0.125 in. (3.18mm) base and cover
Brackets when included have .50 in. (12.7mm) and 0.625 in. (15.9mm)
mounting slots
• GE requires that equipment manufacturers use the recommendations
specified in bulletin GEH-2733 concerning outlet water temperature, water
flow rate and water cleanliness in design and operation of their equipment
Intermediate frequency furnace super capacitor 750V RFM0.75-1000-0.25S
Electric heating capacitor
     RFM electric heating capacitor is mainly used in medium frequency induction heating electrical system to improve the power factor or circuit characteristics.Electric heating capacitor is mainly composed of core and shell, which is filled with high quality macerating agent, core is welded with cooling water supply container for cooling.
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