Low Voltage Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels 200KVAR static compensate with ac contactor Cylinder power capacitor

Item No.: 00167
LV-Transient-free static switching capacitor
saving money by improving power factor
Reducing your electricity costs with Power Factor Correction
cylinder power capacitor

440V 200kvar cylinder  type power capacitor bank
Low voltage automatic power factor correction 
s(APFC Panel) provide a cost-effective, user friendly, reliable solution for power factor correction. They are a more efficient alternative to individual motor capacitors, especially in large industrial facilities. 

 LV APFC Panel are designed to provide power factor correction with a single installation on the main plant bus and are ideal for applications where plant loading is constantly changing, resulting in the need for varying amounts of reactive power. The solid state reactive power controller reacts to a current signal from a single remote current transformer (provided by the customer), measures plant power factor and adjusts system load requirements in selected kVAr steps in order to maintain the desired target power factor.

low voltage automatic capacitor banks



Features LV APFC Panel

  1. Wide range in voltage levels from 240 to 1000 V.
  2. Capacities from 30 to 1200 kvar.
  3. Operation in ambient temperatures from -25 °C to 50 °C.
  4. Long life cycle due to high quality low losses components and sturdy designed to work constantly at 80 °C operation temperature.
  5. Single phase explosion-proof capacitors, 100% recyclable and UL certified (without potting).
  6. Complete safety for the operator: Main switch operated from outside, individual discharge resistances which prevent unnecessary risks for the operator.
  7. Easy installation and minimum maintenance: 100% onsite maintainable.




Benefits LV APFC Panel


  1. Eliminate charges due to a low power factor.
  2. Reduce losses within the system due to Joule effect (heating).
  3. Better voltage support and regulation.
  4. Free-up system capacity.
  5. Prevent premature equipment fail due to excessive heating cause by under voltage functioning.
  6. Adjust power factor dynamically according to load profile.
  7. Reduce capital expenses up to 30%.
  8. Reduce reactive energy billing penalties and lower operating expenses up to 10%
  9. Reduce energy losses by up to 30%
  10. Improve power system and equipment reliability up to 18%


Applications LV APFC Panel

automatic capacitor banks are widely used for fluctuating loads such as motors, variable frequency drives, melting furnace from Steel Rolling mills,Chemical industry,Cement plant, Suger plant, Textile, Hospitals, Hotels, Building segment,Automobile industry,Oil and gas industry,public grid etc.


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