JKQ3-63-A 4P CB Type Auto Transfer Switch

Circuit breaker type Automatic transfer switch
1.it made by two mini circuit breaker
2.Automatic transfer A to Source B
3.Over ,short circuit protection 
4.Protect work, automatic transfer no work
5.10KA short break capacity
6.Max current : 63A

JKQ3-63-A  4P series automatic transfer switch is designed and developed by our company according to universal customers' requirements.
This switch uses DZ47(C45=CB2) miniature circuit breaker(improved type) as the actating element, is equipped with the new type control mechanism.
With the smallest volume among the similar products, it also has the functions like the fire control and power generation, and it is specially usded in the important power supply locations where the power failure is not allowed.
 Dual power automatic transfer switch Main Speciality:
1.Reasonable structure,  small volume, nice appearance, provided with protective shield, safer and more  reliable power supply.
2.Complete protective functions, including short circuit, overload, open phase and loss-of-voltage protection.
3.Reliable remote double-break with EPS fire protection power supply interface DC12-24V.
4.Noiseless, energy saving ,  simple  installation ,  easy operation, reliable and stable performance.

Type JKQ3-63-A 4P
Specification current Ie(A) 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/50/63
Rated operating voltage, Ue (V) AC230V/AC400V
Rated insulating voltage Ui (V) AC 690V 
Rated impulse withstand voltage (KV) 4KV
Rated short circuit making capacity Icm 6KA
Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icn 4.5KA
Service life 5000 times
Electric equipment grade CB Class
Controller Type A(basic type)
Rated control supply voltage,Us(V) 230V 50Hz
Operating transfer time (no time delay) ≤3s
Mechanical life 10000 times
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