HXGN15-12KV SF6 load break switch 630A Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit Switchgear

Item No.: 00190
SF6 load breaker switch
gas insulate ring main unit
input for 12KV  ,630A
incoming output measure power panel

HXGN15-12KV SF6 load break switch 630A Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit Switchgear
1.incoming panel with SF6
2.output panel with SF6
3.Measure panel , and current transformer panel 
SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

Gas insulated ring main unit (RMU) not only suitable for network nodes and terminal connection, but also satisfy the requirements of the flexible use of compact switchgear in various secondary substations.
AQGN RMU is a fully enclosed switching system, all the electrical parts and switching units are contained in a stainless steel tank, ensuring a constant working condition without affecting from external environment while providing a high level of reliability and personnel safety, as well as maintenance-free operation. With the use of external busbar, the switching system can be fully modular, achieving flexible combination. The external busbar is fully insulated and shielded to ensure high reliability and safety.  RMU is available in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 way unit, and can be supplied with additional equipment according to customers’ requirements.
RMU series ring main unit is certified in accordance with IEC62271-200 standard,
operating lifetime is over 30 years under indoor conditions (20°C)
  1. Unification of fixed and flexible expansion
AQGN is the ring main unit structure, and able to contain 6 modules in one SF6 insulated air tank. It provides 16 combinations to meet various applications.
  1. Compact structure
All modules have the width of 325mm only except metering cubicle and circuit breaker module. The width of the metering cubicle is 696mm. The circuit breaker module is available in three options in width, i.e. 446/500/696 mm.
  1. No affecting from environment
All the electrical parts are contained in a stainless steel tank which is sealed by welding process. The SF6 gas pressure is 1.4bar or 1.24 bar, and the protection class of tank is IP67. AQGN series switching system is applicable to substations in damp, sandy, dusty, salty areas, and no need to take special preventing measures. The fuse cabinet is also IP67 rated, and external busbar is fully insulated and shielded, ensuring that the system will not be affected by environment conditions and a maintenance free operation.
  1. High reliability for personal safety
All the electrical parts are sealed in SF6 gas tank. The switch has reliable pressure relief channel and has passed 20kA/1s internal arcing test, the load and earthing switch is a three position switch so that the interlocking is simplified. The cover of the cable compartment and the load switch have reliable mechanical interlocking.
Environmental Conditions
RMU are operated in general indoor conditions according to IEC62271-1
  1. SF6 gas pressure: 1.24 bar (12 kV) / 1.4bar (24 kV) at 20˚C
  2. Leakage rate: 0.25‰/year
  3. Submersion test: applying pressure 0.3bar under water for 24h, 24kV
  4. Arcing test: 20kA 1s
Technical Parameters
Item Unit C-module F-module V-module
Rated voltage kV 12/24
Rated frequency H z 50
Rated current A 630 125 630
Rated short time withstand current kA 25 / 25
Rated short-circuit making current kA 63 / 63
Rated peak withstand current 63 / 63
Rated load break switch current A 630 / 630
Rated short-circuit breaking current kA / 31.5 25
Rated insulation Power frequency withstand voltage (1 min) kV 42/65
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak 75/125
Degree of protection   IP4X(enclosure)/IP67(gas tank)
Mechanical endurance times 5000 5000 10000


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