FFM Single phase 21.6KV High voltage protect power capacitor high-tension condenser

Item No.: 00169
The whole film oil-immersed structure NO PCB
• Whether can be customized using built-in fuse
• Built-in discharge resistance
Conditions of use/technical parameters/product standards
Temperature range: -50℃~+55 ℃
Rated voltage UN: 1~ 14KV
Rated frequ
  • FFMmodel protection capacitor with high voltage resistancein series being RC is comp osedofvoltage absorption device,itfitswellwith 35kv electric system.due to vacuum breaker(or other non-heavy switch),it produces the transition voltage to protect the product with high voltage from damaging,it is also used on other occasions with high voltage capacitor.
  • 1.Height a bove sea level of capacitor’s installation and
    shipping is not more than 1000m. Env ironmental air
    temperature is-40 ℃ ~+40 ℃ Relative humidity is not more than 90% ;
    2.There is no corruption gas,smoke,conductive or explosive dust,acute machine tremor in iastallation location no harmfuI gas or smoke.no conductive performance or acute tremor;
    3.When cap a citors run,the spare voltage of its terminal is not more than10% of rated voltage;
    4.Over Loading
    4.1 Stabilization Voltage
       Stabilization voltage can continuously run ac the Voltage of 1.00μn and can also lastingly run at the industrial frequency voltage of 1.2μn.
    4.2 Operated Voltage
       The bearing capacitor should not heav ily punch switch produced transition Voltage of 1.5μn(buzzing valuel).
    4.3 Steady State Electricity
       Capacitor can be operated underthe 1.5In steady current. Duetcits harmonious wave,the result of current caused the max difference and height of 1.2In together.

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