CMW1 3200A 3P Draw out Intelligent Low Voltage Power air Circuit Breakers MCCB

Item No.: 00146
Functions of Air Circuit Breaker are:

It opens or closes a circuit automatically or manually.
Open circuit automatically when a fault take place such as over current, short circuit, earth fault, over frequency,etc.
It dampens the arcing in case of ov

CMW1 3200A 3P Draw out  Intelligent Low Voltage Power air Circuit Breakers ACB
Type Selection Guide

CMW1 2000 3P 400A F AC230V Horizontal wiring
Product code Frame size Pole number Current class Installation code Code of control circuit source voltage Connection mode
circuit breaker
3P: three-pole
4P: four-pole
400A 2500A D: drawout type
F: fixed type
Horizontal wiring
Vertical wiring
630A 2900A
800A 3200A
1000A 3900A
1250A 4000A
1600A 5000A
2000A 6300A

Type Selection of Standard Parts and Optional Accessories

M type 230V 230V 230V 6 NO 6 NC
Model of
Voltage of
shunt release
Voltage of energy
releasing electromagnet
Voltage of electric
operating mechanism
Auxiliary contact
AA type 2H type
3B2 type 3H type
AC230V AC230V AC230V Standard: 6NO6 NC
AC400V AC400V AC400V
DC220V DC220V DC220V
DC110V DC110V DC110V
Undervoltage protection Mechanical interlocking Opening locking Dual-power interlocking Accessories
Undervoltage release
Undervoltage instantaneous release
Undervoltage time-delay
release: D1s D3s D5s 
Horizontal interlocking
(wirerope interlocking)
Vertical interlocking
(wirerope interlocking)
One lock one key
Two locks one key
Three locks two keys
Five locks three keys
Intelligent horizontal
Phase partition
Phase partition strip
AC230V DC220V
AC400V DC110V

Note: mark V in □ if need the corresponding optional accessory

Operating  Characteristics

EKA1-2000/3P 400A F AC230V (fixed type 3-pole 400A voltage of control circuit (230V) default horizontal wiring, rated voltage 400V, M type controller, shunt 230V, electric operating mechanism 230V, standard 6 NO 6 NC contacts. Please specify according to the above table if need other accessories.

Model Guide of Intelligent Controller

Configuration Model
  M 2H 3B2 3H
Protection functions
Overload long delay (L)
Short-circuit short delay (S)
Short-circuit instantaneous (I)
Ground fault (G)/alarm
Neutral line overcurrent protection (N)
Current unbalance protection
Load monitoring(Load)(1)
Making current protection (MCR)(2)
Out-of-limit tripping (HSIOC)
Leakage protection/alarm®(3)
Required current protection
Overvoltage/undervoltage protection
Voltage unbalance protection
Reverse power protection
Required power protection
Overfrequency/underfrequency   protection
Phase-sequence protection    
Measurement functions        
Real-time current value, maximum measured value
Required current measurement
Current harmonics, waveform measurement
Real-time voltage value, maximum measured value
Voltage harmonics, waveform measurement
Power / power factor measurement
Energy measurement
Required power measurement
Voltage frequency measurement
Hot melt measurement
Circuit breaker contact equivalent measurement
Auxiliary functions        
Long delay protection curve selection
Fault / alarm log (and query)
Test function
Self-test and alarm functions
Circuit breaker opening/closing (operation) records(3)
Protection parameter lockout
Zone interlocking (ZSI) function(4)  
Communication function

●Standard configuration    ○Auxiliary configuration     — No configuration
□Functions that can be added to the standard configuration with appropriate hardware

Main Performance Indexes

  CMW1-2000 CMW1-3200 CMW1-6300
Frame size rated current Inm (A) 2000 3200 6300
Pole number 3,4 3,4 3,4 3
Rated current In (A) 400, 630, 800,1000
2000, 2500
2900, 3200
4000, 5000 6300
Rated voltage Ue (V) 400, 690 400690 400, 690 400690
Insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Impulse withstand voltage Uimp (V) 12000 12000 8000 8000
Power frequency withstand voltage U (V) AC3500 50HZ AC3500 50HZ AC3500 50HZ AC3500 50HZ
Rated current of N-pole IN (A) 50%ln 50%ln 50%ln,100%ln 50%ln,100%ln
Ultimate breaking AC400V 80 100 120 120
capacity lcu (kA) AC690V 50 65 85 85
Running breaking AC400V 50 80 100 100
capacity lcs (kA) AC690V 40 65 75 75
Short-current making AC400V 176 220 264 264
capacity lcm (kA) AC690V 105 143 165 165
Short-time withstand AC400V 50 80 100 100
current(1s)(RMS) lcw (kA) AC690V 40 50 75 75
Closing time (ms) 70 (max) 70 (max) 70 (max) 70 (max)
AC400V 6500 3000 500 500
AC690V 3000 1500 500 500
Maintenance free 15000 10000 4000 4000
Maintenance required 30000 20000 8000 8000
Connection mode Horizontal vertical Horizontal vertical Horizontal Horizontal
Overall dim. H(height)
Fixed type 3P 402 x 362 x 323 402 x 422 x 323
Fixed type 4P 402 x 457 x 323 402 x 537 x 323
Drawout type 3P 432 x 375 x 421 432 x 435 x 421 432 x 813 x 494 432 x 928 x 494
Drawout type 4P 432 x 470 x 421 432 x 550 x 421 432 x 928 x 494

Overall and Mounting Dimensions

Outline and installation dimensions of fixed type circuit breaker, see Fig.10, 11

eka1 air circuit breaker 1

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