600KVA Dynamic Sag correctors Voltage Sag Protectors active voltage conditioner High-Tech Voltage Sag Mitigation

Item No.: 00178
DVR dynamic voltage regulator
Control voltage sag
Timely interruption
Temporary promotion problem,
Filter out harmonics and compensate reactive power.

Dynamic Sag Correctors (DySC) from Rockwell Automation are unique and exclusive industrial power quality solutions that protect against voltage sags and momentary outages that account for a signifi cant amounts of manufacturing downtime and damaged equipment. They do the job with no batteries, no moving parts and virtually no maintenance, making them ideal for critical manufacturing processes and sensitive electronics that require sag ride-through protection for up to 5 seconds. And the DySC is so effi cient that it virtually pays for itself in energy savings alone, when compared to other power quality technologies. If you want to maximize facility uptime, you'll want to look at DySC solutions.

DVR Introduction DVR adopts power electronics technology, when the system voltage drops suddenly, the DVR can realize the fast regulation of the voltage, at the same time eliminate the voltage three-phase imbalance, and have the adjustment voltage deviation, ensure the seamless connection of the output voltage to the rated value, and protect the normal operation of the load. 

  1. High reliability, designed for industrial load Multi-stage protection, simple circuit, high reliability, maintenance-free

2High system efficiency and fast response speed Efficiency up to 99.2%; the protection switching time is not more than 2 ms; single phase, two phase, three phase drop to 0% can be managed.
3Superior rectifier performance, no harmonic injection Adopt fourth generation insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power device and multiple protection technology are used to ensure the absolute reliability of the equipment, advanced IGBT green rectifier technology, no harmonic injection pollution, and improve the power utilization.
4All digital control technology based on DSP, high reliability Using 32-bit state-of-the-art digital signal processor), which enables DVR to achieve extremely high performance and reliability by advanced flexible logic algorithms.
5Advanced Parallel Expansion Function, Modular Design Parallel expansion function increases the capacity of the DVR system and redundant backups, which improves the reliability of the power supply.
6A multifunctional panel with graphics TFT true color displays DVR multifunctional panel is equipped with an 8-inch graphics TFT display. With graphical display and interface friendly menu operating system, users can easily browse input, output, load and run parameters.
7Total maintenance-free, low operating costs High reliability, no breakable parts, minimal self-consumption and 20 years design life of energy storage devices. No cooling equipment required Self-consumption is only 0.8% without cooling forced heat dissipation system.
8Compact structure with small area The compact structure design greatly reduces the requirement of installation space and floor load bearing, and makes the user save space and investment, covering an area of 1/2~1/3 of the traditional UPS.

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