30KV 1250A Auto Circuit Recloser ACR With automatic controller Remote operation pole mounted Vacuum breaker FTU Feed terminal unit

Item No.: 00203
1.30KV  Auto Circuit Recloser ACR
2.FTU  feed terminal unit
3.The circuit breaker can be operated manually, electrically, remotely

Vacuum circuit breaker , auto Recloser, ACR, load break switch, power transformer,FTU,DTU,RTU Feeder terminal unit,Remote terminal unit,data transfer 

Rated Voltage
a. Nominal system voltage-30,000volt
b. Rated maximum voltage -40500 volts.
c. Power frequency withstand voltage-70 KV
Rated frequency - 50 Hertz
a tolerance of ± 5 percent. Rated symmetrical making current is the same value as the
rated symmetrical interrupting current, with asymmetrical
relationships as defined in ANSI/IEEE C37.60.
Rated  Impulse Withstand Voltage - 170 KV.

36KV three phase class III recloser is in accordance with the standard ANSI/IEEE C37.60.
The recloser is designed to provide self-contained 24KV circuit protection with series trip,
solenoid operation and electronic control single break contact structure and fault interruption under
vacuum. The vacuum interrupters are in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C37.85.  The recloser is accordance with ANSI/IEEE C37.85. The recloser is  designed to sense line-to-ground, line-
to-line or three-phase fault currents and interrupt all three phases of the distribution circuit
simultaneously. The recloser is equipped with a electronic type ground feature. For fault target,
Automatic Circuit recloser will be provided with an indicator for detection of fault current on
individual phase or ground. If the Electronic Control cubicle of Reclosers or Recloser itself require
an auxiliary transformer, the manufacturer must provide the same at his cost. The recloser is
provided with in-built auxiliary transformer of required rating to provide power supply to the control


Rated voltage, kV

24 30 ,33,36

Max. working voltage, kV


Rated current, not less than, A

630A / 1600A

Rated breaking current, not less than, kA


Electrical dynamic withstand current, kA


Operation times


Heating withstand current (during 3 seconds/this parameter must not be as 1 sec) , not less than, kA


Open, close reserve, not less than  

- By rated current, Close-Open action 

- By breaking current, Close-Open action




Breaking own period, not more than, ms


Full breaking period, not more than, ms


Close own period, not more than, ms


Testing voltage of lightning impulse, kV


1 min testing voltage by voltage with production frequency, kV


Cycle of recloser


Max amount of close and open cycle within 1 hour, not less than


Ambient environmental condition performance

Dedicated to work for outdoor and cold weather

Upper limit of ambient relative moisture when air temperature is at 25°C



Ambient environmental min temperature,°C (It must be approved by test)


Ambient environmental max temperature,°C (It must be approved by test)


Environmental condition, not less than

Above 1500 m from sea altitude

Protection degree of drive external main body


Penetration length of external insulating, mm, not less than


Permissible environmental wind amount when no icing-not more than

40 m/s

Permissible environmental wind amount of wire iced period (Icing wall thickness is till 20 mm), not more than

15 m/s

24KV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Installation dimensions:

Outdoor 33KV 35KV 36KV 38KV 40.5KV Motorized Spring Type Vacuum Switch / Electric Vacuum Circuit Breaker/Auto Circuit Recloser    Outdoor 33KV 35KV 36KV 38KV 40.5KV Motorized Spring Type Vacuum Switch / Electric Vacuum Circuit Breaker/Auto Circuit Recloser              

How to wire with vacuum switch

Make sure the end –user follow below diagram to connect the junction box to BRZW32 vacuum switch. Junction box is self-power supply controller

Before employ switch for H.V.line, please make sure each cable connector is correct connection.

Please push each A.B.C phase switch button to check if connection in good condition. The proper work is each phase electric control is corresponding correct phase switch.

Outdoor 33KV 35KV 36KV 38KV 40.5KV Motorized Spring Type Vacuum Switch / Electric Vacuum Circuit Breaker/Auto Circuit Recloser

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