ATS For Solar Panel Inverter

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Automatic Transfer Switch For Offgrid Solar

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If you have an off-grid solar power system AND grid power, use this switch to power your devices until the solar battery is low, then it will switch to grid power. This is a great switch to use if you have a stationary RV and wish to use both solar power and grid power. You can also program the cut-off voltage (the battery voltage when it switches to grid power), so that your batteries last a long time. You can also program the reconnect voltage as well. 

Very easy to setup! Run some extension cords to the terminals and plug it into your system. It will turn on when you connect your solar battery to the terminals. It can work with 12/24/48 volt solar power systems


Automatic Transfer Switch For Generator/Shore Power/Inverter (2 Inputs Only) For RV's

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Not as sophisticated or dedicated to solar as the last one, but you can hook up multiple inputs. Lots of options here!
  • Can handle 2 sources of 30 amps at one time
  • Made for use with inverter, shore power or generators
  • Delay switch for use with generators
  • Comes with knockouts for easy and professional installation
  • Single relay
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